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About Finedon Bulk Haulage

Finedon bulk haulage was founded in 1983 by Gary Donaldson with the help of his wife Clarissa as a owner driver. Gary used to carry aggregates for the various quarries in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire and during the winter months when stone work dropped off used to carry grain for a select few merchants.

In the late 80”s - early 90's Gary added a further 3 vehicles for his sons Lee, Karl, Corey and at a later date one for Daughter Tracey to drive.

In 1995 Gary sold the business to his sons Karl Corey. Since that time Finedon Bulk has steadily grown.

In 2004 Finedon Bulk opened a new transport office in Wellingborough with Gary controlling the day to day running of vehicles and Tracey controlling admin.

In October 2006 Gary retired so Corey took over the transport operations . Karl still continues to drive a truck running out of a base in Essex . Lee is also still working with Finedon Bulk running his own truck as a full time subcontractor in Finedon Bulks livery so Finedon Bulk is still very much a family concern.

In September Finedon Bulk moved trucks to a new base in Wellingborough which is situated right next door to RHM flour mill . This move allows Finedon Bulk to take wheat into the mill and wheat bye products out of the mill on a regular basis. The base also helps when a customer needs a urgent load taking out of the mill or one of the other mills in the area namely Weetabix ,Whitwoth and ADM.